Fueling the World

Becoming a Chef

Job Description

Chefs oversee food preparation all over the globe. There are many different fields within the industry such as working at restaurants, catering, household chef, and much more. Chefs often work long hours that include early mornings and late nights. They may also work on holidays and weekends. Chefs work in a fast paced environment that is constantly pushing you to do your best. Can you take the heat?

The Life of a Real World Chef

Chef Polly is the reason I learned to love cooking, I decided to interview her about her job. ¨It is extremely fast paced, you really have to push,¨ she says ¨the hours are kind of funny but overall it is really great! You must have a passion for food to enjoy this industry, your passion is what keeps you going." Chef Polly not only works at the school everyday of the week teaching kids culinary skills, but she also works at cuisine a restaurant in Detroit, and manages many competition students.