Winter Park Band Weekly Newsletter

AUGUST 18, 2019



Tuesday, Aug. 20th, 2:30-5pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL


Wednesday, Aug. 21st, 1:30-5pm

2100 Summerfield Road

Winter Park, FL


Friday, Aug. 23rd, 5-10:30pm

2525 Cady Way

Winter Park, FL


DRESS: 2019 Show Shirt, tan/khaki shorts, belt, athletic shoes.


From Mr. Clemente

The "Sound of the Wildcats" had a very successful first performance at Lyman HS, especially with the help of some unseasonably comfortable weather. Looking forward to continuing to put together the show over the coming weeks!

This week is our first Home Football Game of the school year. We will still be in our "Summer Uniform" for this week's game, so please make sure that all students have their 2019 Show Shirt and tan/khaki shorts are clean and ready to go for Friday. As a reminder, students will ride the buses to and from all events unless arrangements have been made with the Band Directors in advance of the event. I encourage ALL of our parents to attend our performances(and chaperone if you are able!) at all football games - the students really enjoy having familiar faces in the crowd to cheer them on and take in their performances!

All students interested in auditioning for an All-State audition must complete the Google sign-up form emailed last week no later than Thursday, August 22 at 2:30 PM. A reminder that students must be signed in to their OCPS Google account in order to complete the form. Please read the instructions carefully on the FBA website for all All-State Audition Requirements.

Please take time this week to again look over the Band calendar for the entire school year and compare it with your family's calendar. If you see any potential conflicts, please get in contact as soon as you are able. As I stated in my email earlier in the week, communication is key! Mr. Smith and myself are always available to answer questions via email at and If you ever need an answer to a question that cannot be found on either the Band website or on Charms, please email BOTH of us, as that will cut down significantly on response time.

Have a great week!



We hope you had a great first week back to school. Thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters who came to the game at Lyman! We will look forward to seeing everyone for the first home game of the year on Friday. Please look at all of the volunteer opportunities for upcoming games-there are many chaperones needed, especially for away games, and it is a lot of fun to volunteer!

Please see the information below about Program Ads/ Sponsorships—it is a great way to support the band program and earn funds for your student’s band account.

The Band Program is distributed, free of charge, at all concerts during the school year. In addition to pictures of the Band and information about its members, the Program contains advertisements from local businesses and parents. The sale of these ads is a great way for your student to raise money that will defray your financial obligations to the Band. The student's Band Account will be credited with 50% - 60% of the ad revenues that he/she sells, depending on the Band's printing cost. Instructions and Forms can be found on the Band Website, click ABOUT and then BAND BOOSTERS.

Deadline to submit all forms, ads and payments - Friday, September 6.

"DO NOT CALL LIST"-Advertisers who have been solicited in past years by current band students are on this list. Due to existing relationships with a specific student, these companies should not be contacted by another student or parent.

An updated link to School Pay for sponsors/advertisers who wish to pay by credit card is as follows:



August 28: Concert Uniform Accessories Order Due

September 2: Labor Day

September 3: Coupon Book Fundraiser Kick-Off

September 4: Color Guard Fair Share 2 / Jazz Fair Share 1 Due

September 6: Away Football Game




PROGRAM ADS AND SPONSORS - 50 - 60% of sales go back to the students as credit!

Program Ads and sponsorships are due September 6.


COUPON BOOKS - Kick-off Tuesday, September 3







We are looking for volunteers to press all the uniforms that have been fitted and assigned. Please bring your ironing boards and irons to the 600 building hallway (band room hallway) during the marching camp hours from Monday through Friday. Contact Mary Bernard with any questions at