Guiding Behavior from One-Three

Ashlee Brown Period 1

Set Limits

Setting limits for your child could be a good thing for them. It could set boundaries for them and it can teach them right to wrong. When you want to set limits you have to follow some steps. Step 1: Recognize and acknowledge your own feelings. Step 2: Recognize how your boundaries have been crossed. Step 3 :Recognize how you need to set your boundary Step 4: Get grounded. Step 5: Voice it. Step 6: Take care of yourself. You should be consistent when setting limits because you will be getting respect and teaching your child the right and wrong, and that they can listen to others as well.

Encourage Independence

You may ask Why does my child always say “Me do it?” that is because they see how dependent their parents are and they begin to start growing independence and want to start to do things on their own and with nobody's help. It is important to have realistic expectations of what your child can do at a certain age because it would tell how they are going to be when they grow up, and how they are going to react to things. Some examples to encourage independence is to praise your child or be respectful to them and show them that you care. It is important for your child to learn self help skills because it can show they can do things on their own without your help and shows they can do anything with out you.

Promote Sharing

you can help your child develop sharing skills by taking them to play dates with other kids. They can go to preschool and it could help with it too. Not being home all the time with the parents have the kids make friends and spend time over their house.

Deal with Aggressive Behavior

The child can demonstrate inappropriate or aggressive behaviors by what they see or what they are hearing. When your child is demonstrating inappropriate or aggressive behavior you should sit down and talk to the child and ask them where they seen it or why they are doing this and ask them to stop. " My child is age 1 ½ and has been biting her brother What should I do? " As a parent you should sit down with your child and tell them to stop or you can punish them for the decisions they are making. You should respond to your child with eye to eye contact and no yelling talk normal and calm as possible.