Industrial Revolution

The Good and the Bad: By Cannon Donlay

The Industrial Revolution

A time when man was replaced by machine. The Industrial Revolution was a time farmers left there jobs in the country to go and go to the city to get new jobs to provide for there families. 9 out of 10 people lived in areas they could not stand to live in. Ordinary people used there hand to make the things they needed. They lived with no machines, electricity, or clocks. The air was polluted that it was hard to breath because of all of the machines that were created. Child Labor Laws were not created yet so kids at the age of 5 could work and not go to school to get an education.

Child Labor

A time when kids around the age of 5 could work. This was a bad time in the Industrial Revolution because kids would be separated from there families and they did not go to school because they had to work. They lived in work houses and only ate two times a day and they only got porridge. When they left work they feet and body was filthy. By 1899 child labor laws were finally created and the first law buff the age up to 9 then in 1918 they moved it to 12 then and finally in 1922 they ended at 16.
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Assembly Line

People would line up on the assembly line and there would be jobs. One job was the people who were experts at making the product. Another were the inspectors who look and see if they did it right. The last job was the workers that made the product on the assembly line. So the assembly line sped up the process of making a product
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