The Red Badge of Courage

By Stephen Crane


Henry (The youth) has heard all of these amazing war stories and figures he should get one too and joins the war, but soon he realizes that getting one is going to be harder than he thought when he has to face his tests of courage


Henry (The youth) Main Character

Jim (The tall soldier) Henry's friend


Civil war


United States of America

Henry joins the ranks

After hearing about all these heroic war stories Henry decides that it is his turn, so he decides to go sign up for the army after a farewell from his family.

Friendly allies

After becoming a troop Henry find himself a good friend named Jim, along with others

Destructive Battles

Henry and co. are soon sent out to battle in which they find a lot harder to bear because of what was happening to each other and their friends. Knowing this Henry starts to run away from the war

Troubling Choices

After running away, Henry has to choose between going back and face the fight once again or keep running away with cowardice

Henry's Story

After the war Henry goes home with his story along with a surprise. When Henry tells his story Henry think he will be thought of as a hero but much to his surprise the people don't think of him as much of a hero as he thought