It can ruin peoples life

"What is cyber bullying "?

cyber bullying is when an individual or a group of people bully you online.

"Examples of cyber bullying"

Include mean text messages or emails, starting rumors about someone online,or embarrassing pictures of videos of the other person.
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"Three differences between cyber bulling and bullying"

  1. Cyber bullying happens online and bullying happens in person.
  2. Everyone knows about it is not a secret.
  3. It happens all day and all night.

"Effects of cyber bulling"

  • Use of drugs and alcohol.
  • They stop coming to school.
  • Have low self of steam.
  • Receive poor grades.

"Prevention and Awareness"

  • Know what sites their kids are on .
  • Talk to their kids about their day.
  • learn about the sites they get on.
  • Use the devices they use.
  • Follow your kids on the sites their on .

"Establishing Rules"

  • Don't respond to what people say.
  • Record everything.
  • Block people
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"Reporting a cyber bully"

  • Tell your parents
  • Screenshot pics

"Report to your online provider"

  • Screen shot
  • Save images
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"Report to your local law Enforcement"

  • Treating to kill you
  • Sending sexual pictures
  • Stalking you
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"Report to your school"

  • Schools can help by find who did it.
  • Talk to the other person parent
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