Playing means learning.

Etwinning Project

The project originates from an interest shown by the students for one of the topics of the curriculum: the importance of play in the learning and emotional developement of children. We have investigated this topic with researches of fun activities, songs, games, rhymes, short stories and fables in English to represent to the children.

Founders and partners

Founders:Colacicco Anna Rita- Fantasia Anna Carmela

Partners:Ozlem Altunbas:Melek Aknil Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi,Pendik Turkey

Merve Ozdemir:Melek Aknil Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi,Pendik Turkey

Slavica Ilic: Prediskolska ustanova "Cukarica ,Beograd Serbia

Our schools:

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Istanbul city of Seven Hill

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Something about theory

Powerpoint produced by students from Einaudi


Slides from a power point produced by the students

Learning activities close to the children's word
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An Italian nursery rhyme

La bella lavanderina

La bella lavanderina che lava i fazzoletti
per i poveretti della città.

Fai un salto, fanne un altro,
fai la giravolta, falla un'altra volta, (variazione: fai la riverenza, fai la penitenza)

guarda in su guarda in giù
dai un bacio a chi vuoi tu.

The Pretty Washerwoman Action Song

The beautiful washerwomen

washing the hankies
for the poor
in the city.
Take a jump,
take another,
turn around,
turn again,
look up
look down,
give a kiss
to whoever you want.

La Bella Lavanderina - Canzoni Per Bambini piccoli di CanzoniPerBimbi.it

An example of story telling

Drawings made by the students from 1C during the activities of operational methodologies ( teacher Iungo) and translated into English by the students from 3C (Colacicco) The story will be followed by a theater performance.
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Leo's birthday