Cabeza de Vaca: How did he survive?

By Holly Jones

Cabeza DBQ

Have you ever though of Cabeza de Vaca? He was a wonderful Spanish explorer who endured many dangers. Once Cabeza crossed the Rio Grande River. He didn't even now how to swim. It was amazing that he was still alive! How did Alvar Nunez withstand or get through all of the dangers? Cabeza de Vaca survived because of his wilderness skills, respect for the Native Americans, and his success as a healer.

You'll be surprise to learn the Cabeza de Vaca had respect for the Native Americans. this famous Conquistador survived so many dangers because he had respect for the Native Americans. Cabeza truly cared for the Native Americans, and was mad because the Spanish were making the natives their slaves.(Doc.D) Cabeza befriended the Indians and became a trader of goods. This helped the Cabeza survive because he can trade for food, and water. He learned about the land and how to communicate with the Indians.(Doc.B) To sum it up Cabeza de Vaca really respected the Americans and that helped him endure.

Wouldn't you agree that Cabeza had a lot of wilderness skills? The Spanish explorer survived because he had a lot of wilderness skills. Cabeza survived by drinking water out or a hollowed out horse leg.(Background Essay) This helped because then he could have water where it is easy to get. Alvar survived by eating rats, snakes,spiders, and more.(Doc.B) This was important because then he could find food wherever he was while traveling. also to survive he got fire from a tree struck by lightning. (Doc.B) Cabeza saw the burning tree as a opportunity to keep himself warm and safe at night during his journey through the wilderness. All in all the great Conquistador survived with his skills in the wilderness.

It is hard to believe, but the great Cabeza had success as a healer . The Head of Cow made it through because was a successful healer. Cabeza removed an arrow above a Indians heart.(Doc.C) Cabeza survived because if he had failed he would have been killed. When Cabeza did escape it was easy because Indians looked up to him. They wanted to help.(Doc.C) This was helpful because then Cabeza had a better chance of escaping. The Indians that held Cabeza as their slave believed that he was a great healer.(Doc.C) This was wonderful because then he could convince them to let him go beyond the compound. As you can see Cabeza was a successful healer and that was one reason he survived.

Most people are unfamiliar with Cabeza de Vaca. He was a fearless person who lived through many challenges in his life. Once Cabeza went through a srorm of Gulf Cost Mosquitoes and survived. Infact the mosquitoes went inside of them and he couldn't breath. But he survived! How did this famous explorer endure? Alvar was a successful healer, he had respect for the Indians, and fantastic wilderness skills. In conclusion Cabeza was a great explorer.