Frankilin D. Roosevelt

World War II

Franklin During World War II

Franklin D. Roosevelt Played and important Role during World War II he was The U.S. President and had the duty and responsibility of leading his people through the tough times that came with declaring war. He was to voice his opinion and devise plans with his congress to help steer the u.s. State to the end of World War II.

Great Depression

Franklin Had led the U.S. People through the Great Depression By Helping Bring Faith back into the people. He promoted that the " The only Thing to Fear was Fear itself" and promised vigorous action.
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Major Event 3

September 1939 Roosevelt called a special session for congress to revise the neutrality acts to allow the two countries Britain and France to buy weapons made in the US.

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Major Event 4

March 1941 Roosevelt was successful in gaining support of Great Britain with the Lend-lease act while meeting with Winston Churchill.

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Major Event 5

December 1941 the day after Pearl Harbor bombing, he attended a session in congress regarding declaring war on Japan. He kept the public aware of situation by having regular radio reports.

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