I-SS MS ELA ERPD 10/19/16

All Good Things Ready and iReady

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Register in LINQ

LINQ Registration: 126 for MS . You must register in LINQ for this workshop AND sign in on Workshop Sign-In Sheet in order to receive credit.

What to Bring

  • Charged laptop and earbuds

  • Ready Teacher Resource Book

  • iReady Teacher Training Guide

Top Down Web for Today's PD

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Two Column Notes for Today

Two Column Notes for Today

Scaffolded two column notes for you. Please make copy of the document and take your notes on it.

Welcome and iReady - Traci Fox

  • Welcome! We are glad you are here!

    • Standards Mastery testing, NC Check I

    • iReady Teacher Training Guide P. 70: Standards Mastery

iReady reports
  • iReady Teacher Training Guide P. 40: Instructional Progress---Class RTI report (yellow/orange alerts)
  • Handout from iReady


Additional SURVEY: The purpose of this survey is to get user/staff feedback on the district processes to start i-Ready, what did we do well or what could be better if/when we implement another program.

Campfire - Toni Ingram


Come prepared to share out a “glow” and a “grow”

  • Glow = something that’s working in your classroom instruction (Ready and/or iReady)

  • Grow = something you’d like to improve upon in your implementation of Ready/iReady

What's the Buzz? - Jaye Parks and Perry Justice (TMS)



  • No sidebars

  • Just enough (be concise)

  • Assume positive intent



Making Ready & iReady Your Own: Dawn Hennessey (EIMS)


Instructions for Creating a Lucid Chart

Creating Engaging Lessons: Work time!


Teachers can opt to work alone or with a group to :

  • Create engaging lesson plans

  • Supplemental game for Grammar: No Red Ink (Thanks Jaime Johnson, EIMS)

Optional Viewing

Webinar: How to Engage Students iReady--45 min.

The video is a little over 43 minutes. When you click on the link, it will ask you to register. Just put in your name and email and you’ll be good to go.

Wrap Up and Feedback-Pamela Bumgarner



Your BLIFs

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