Jefferson Traditional Middle School's Newsletter

March 2, 2020

Admin Corner

We are getting ready to head down the home-stretch of the school year. March has begun and we have a full month of activities going on as we head toward Spring Break. During the month we will be getting our final preparations for the annual ILEARN testing. March can seem like one of the longest months of the school year and it is important to us that we keep learning interesting and engaging for the students as we push towards April. Our teachers and staff are doing a phenomenal job of using a variety of strategies to peak our students' interests and make learning fun for our students.

The girls' basketball and wrestling teams are in the final few weeks of their seasons. Both teams are doing very well and we are looking forward to how they will finish in the coming weeks. If you have not made it to a meet or game yet this year, check out the upcoming events below and check them out. We are proud of all our Bulldogs!

The weather does not know what it wants to do on a daily basis, but sickness is still all around. Please keep an eye on your kids, if they have a fever, please do not send them to school until they have been fever-free for 24 hours. We are all doing our best to make sure everyone at school has the best environment possible for optimal learning. As always, please call the office if your child will be missing school.

Winter is upon us, which means an E-Learning day could happen at any time. Please check out the forms below if you have any questions about E-Learning. If your question is not answered, please feel free to contact the office and we will get you an answer.


Lisa Richardson, Jory C. Hardman and Jeff R. Hemmerlein


Ms. Hambruch’s 6th grade class invited Mrs. Streeter in to participate in a student-led Circle about “belonging.” It was exciting to see how engaged the students were with the questions.

They shared stories of clubs and sports and churches and families that they belong to. They also talked about how it feels to not feel like they belong. With a student leading, the engagement was so strong. It’s great to see Circles led by students and for students to have a chance to share in this way.

From an 8th grade class:

With the recent loss of Kobe Bryant the door was open for a circle about loss. In one of my class periods many students were sharing about losses they experienced from grandparents to aunts and friends. During this circle one of my students began to cry uncontrollably because she had suffered a deep and close loss. When the talking piece got back to me I asked the student if I could share about their loss and they agreed. Most the class was shocked and saddened. I shared about how many had no idea this loss had been experienced. I shared how kindness and grace can go so far because we don’t know what the people around us have gone through last night, last week, or in the last year. We don’t know what they carry with them when they walk through the door so we all should try to be just a little bit kinder. This circle showed the beauty of real trust and relationships within a classroom setting. It was open, real, and authentic. I know that class will never be the same.


It's time to start scheduling students for the 2020-2021 school year. We will be hosting a scheduling night for all students who will be attending Jefferson next year. This will take place on March 11th from 5:30-7:30pm. During this time your student will be able to indicate their choices for their elective classes. You can also make a deposit toward band/orchestra instrument rental (if needed), and get answers to any questions you might have. We are excited to offer some new elective classes next year so the scheduling night will be a great opportunity to learn about those. If you are unable to attend the scheduling night we'll send your student's course selection sheet home with them the following day. You'll just need to complete the course selection sheet and return it to the school no later than March 17th.


Last week in Town Halls, the students were addressed regarding kindness and empathy. Please ask your students about this important discussion. Then continue these conversations at home. Instilling these values in the kids helps prevent and combat bullying. We all want our students to grow up to be kind, human beings who do the right thing.

Upcoming Events

March 4th - Delayed Start (10am), Wrestling at Clay (5:30pm)

March 5th - Girls Basketball at Dickinson (5:30pm)

March 6th - ISSMA Jazz Contest (Laporte High School)

March 8th - Daylight Saving Time Starts

March 11th - Scheduling Night (5:30-7:30pm)

March 12th - End of Q3, Dress Down Day ($3), Q3 Incentive,

7/8 Semi-Formal Dance (6:30-8:30pm), Girls Basketball at LaSalle (5:30pm)

March 13th - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Record Day)

March 18th - Wrestling @ Home (5:30pm)

March 19th - DC Parent Meeting (6:30pm)

March 20th - ISSMA Organizational Contest

March 25th - Wrestling City Meeting

March 26th - National Junior Honor Society Inductions (7pm)

March 27th - Dress Down Day ($3)


We are in the season where E-Learning can be called any day. We have done practice E-Learning already so the students are ready. If you have any questions, please use the FAQs below. Any questions please call the office 393-4100

Reminder of Jefferson Expectations

  • All cell phones should be stored in lockers during the school day; all visible phones will be collected and picked up by parents. NO pictures or videos at the school of students.

  • Inappropriate touching each other is not allowed at school. No kissing, cuddling, no “horseplay”, running, etc. in halls

  • Every student should have a book. Ask your child about what they are reading.

  • Students that have been suspended from school can not participate in quarterly incentives.


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South Bend Community School Corporation.