Social Justice Issues; Cancer

Cancer is an Epidemic

What is Cancer?

  • Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body
  • There are many types of cancer and the most common ones are breast, lung, bladder, prostate, and colon and rectal.
  • There are also many reasons why people get cancer and some of these main risk factors are obviously smoking and tobacco, smoking being the number one cause of cancer, there is also just simple infections and radiation that lead to cancer as well.
  • How to prevent these risk factors are very easy as well, physical activity is a big prevention from cancer but people seem to not do that more and more. There is also eating healthy that is a huge prevention from a lot of types of cancer but again people don't seem to do this either. Then there is also just not getting or doing the risk factors I just listed up there.

Where and Who gets Cancer Types the Most? Also, What does the Future Look Like?

  • Not just in the U.S. do people get cancer, in fact, there are way many more places that get cancer types and new or old cases than the U.S. For men and women Denmark leads the world with a whopping 338 people getting some type of cancer out of every 100,000 people. Then comes France with 325, Australia with 323, Belgium with 321, and Norway with 318 as our last one of the top five.
  • For just men France is again in the top five with 385 age standardised rate per 100,000 people, Australia with 374, Norway with 369, Belgium at 365, and France, Martinique with 359 for the mens top five.
  • For women Denmark is at 329, then surprisingly the U.S. at 297, Republic of Korea with 294, The Netherlands with 290, and then Belgium with 289.
  • Now for races African Americans were the leading race in new cases and deaths followed by Caucasians, followed by then Hispanics, Asians, and then American Indians.
  • Lastly is the future and the future does not look bright at all. Since 1971 The National Cancer Institute has put $90 billion dollars into cancer research and treatments and yet there is still no cure to be found. The researchers at Kiel University have also said that this horrible disease will most likely never go away just because of all these hundreds to thousands of new cases each year.
  • In the future and the present there is also all those rumors to whether or not that we have already have found a cure and the Gov't is hiding it from us, personally I don't believe it to be true just because of all the deaths and sufferings but the people that say they do also have very strong opinions as well like saying that they do it because if they didn't the world would overpopulate.