Vsp project

Teen leadership

I am at my best when when I'm not tired

I'm at my best because you want to learn and be able to know what to do in class

And on the football field

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I'll try to prevent times when I'm tired

It try to do that because when your tired your mind doesn't think rite

I will enjoy my work while finding a teacher to get help

I do that so I have good feelings about it

I will use my natural talents and gifts

What I like do those things in is football and in class

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I will find enjoyment through working out

I like to do that because it gives off stress and being complicated

I can do anything I set my mind to

I can work go over my work and study and play football

My life journey is have powers and able to fly

I like those because you can do anything in the world that you want

I will be a person who my mom and dad/wife likes

I will because they are special to me and important

I can stop procrastinating and work on

I will work on my attitude and how to talk to people