Musical Memory

Ethan Himes

Music therapy to me is...

As a musician anything music related takes my interest. If forced to pick an occupation of therapy to work I would pick music therapy, not only for my love of music but music brings people together unlike anything else.

Music therapy is...

Music therapy is the clinical use of music to soothe patients mentally and physically. Music is one of the most powerful ways a person can express themselves and one of the best coping skills a person can use to de-stress.

Music in the Brain

Music activates all parts of the brain and improves mood , focus , and physical healing.

Music Memory Research

M.E. Clark did a study in 1998 on decreasing aggressive behaviors in late stage dementia. The study showed that introducing peaceful music can prevent violent outburst.

Interesting idea

Music therapy has been proven to help in some degree in all mental disorders and further research into it might prove fruitful in helping others.