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Take AIESEC Personal


February is HERE, the month that we fully start implementing all the strategies for the summer peak.

After a successive LAS in all LCs, we now have new ICX members in all the teams. It is a month of action, putting all the talk and plans into actions. In summary; a successful February-March leads to a successful summer.

Finland in WENA

AIESEC in Finland was the top iGCDP entity in relative growth of #RE with 133%

This is way below our capability, we can do too much more than we did in January.

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January #MA Results

After the end of January, AIESEC Oulu leads in #MA. Oulu has the potential to hit 21before June. AIESEC Jyvaskyla, the most hardworking team has 6 pipeline MA. Well done Aba and Laura.

In summary, AIESEC in Finland has to hit double digits this February. We have to impact Finland and change the lives of more people. We have to take AIESEC in Finland Personal and contribute our quota to it's development.

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Very Urgent Notification

- LCs like AIESEC Oulu and Jyvaskyla have several matches in the pipeline. Please follow up on the matches and COMPLETE the process.

- Get in touch with the NSTs for training, and education. The NSTs are here for you and you have to feel free to contact them when needed.