Shadow Children

Margaret Peterson Haddix s&s childrens 1988 153 pgs

Character Description

Luke,Matthew,Mark,Mom Garner, Dad Garner These people are Luke's family. Jen is a other shadow child and a friend of Luke's. The main characters are Luke Jen and Lukes family.They all play a important part in the story. These are the people Luke sees almost everyday. Jens family has more money than Lukes family so her family is one of the "Barons.

Plot summary & Conflict

In the beginning Luke can go outside without anybody noticing him but then his mom hurry's him inside before he gets caught by someone because the government of his town were cutting down the woods and the woods were the only thing that allowed Luke and the other shadow children to go outside.. If Luke gets caught he will be killed and his family will be in trouble by the population police.The conflict is that there is new people moving in around Luke's house and most of them are barons which also means rich. The house right next door Luke saw a shadow of a girl and wants to break into the house to see who it is. Eventually he goes into the house when he sees that everybody has left the house he sneaks into the back of the house and opens up the screen door of the house and walks in and sees a girl on the computer soon she hears him and she's ok about it but the fact the alarm went off. Her name was Jen. Jen and some of the other shadow children had a program on their computer where they can all talk to each other and they had a plan to go to the goverment building and have their voices be heard Luke couldn't go because his parents didn't have any jobs to do. So Jen went and he never heard from her for a while so he snuck into her house and her dad talked to Luke about why was he there and Jen's dad said she and all of the other shadow children died at the place they were all killed. Luke found out that Jen's dad is a part of the population police and that he can get Luke a fake I.D and he can start fresh somewhere else. So luke takes that offer and he says goodbye to his family and Jen's dad drove him to another town to start somewhere new.

Quotation Explanation

"We aren't fake, we shouldn't have to hide." I think this quote from the book effects the theme of the book. The purpose of the book is about shadow children and this quote supports that, that's why i chose that quote.

Book Review

I thought the book was a good book it got me thinking what the next chapter was going to be like. I would recommend this book to my friends and teachers and i give it a 10/10
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