Huge Cash Reward


Is a white pitbull, red nose, blue eyes, and a brown marking on his rear end, and a little ways up his tail.
Jeter was stolen on July 28th, 2014. On the corner or South St & Holly Village Ln. in Toms River NJ.
He was picked up by an older couple ( 50 - 60's )
They were driving a white SUV ( could have been a mini van ) possibly 2 toned, and silver handles .
Its now been over 3 months, Jeter could be anywhere.
Were asking, for everyone to please, share out story . And keep your eyes and ears open .
If you have ANY information, please call Danielle @ 732-642-3987 .

Please, like us on facebook @ facebook.com/bringjeterhome

Jeter Has ...

  • Red nose
  • Blue eyes
  • Brown patch on rear end, and up tail
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