Technology Integration & CCSS

Christy Dyson - ITEC 7330

Webinar Reflection

  • Technology must be used when teaching the Common Core Standards. It is not an option. It is specifically spelled out in the standards themselves.
  • Technology use cannot be turned into electronic worksheets. We cannot use technology just for the sake of using it, it has to have a purpose and be intentional.
  • Texts must be read in every subject of the Common Core Standards. Reading text is not just for English and Reading anymore. We have to look at what a text might be now that we have technology available.

This webinar gave a lot of information about technology integration and the Common Core Standards. However, it was not too overwhelming. He asked a lot of questions. I could not see the questions and answers people attending the webinar asked. It would have been nice to see those. At one point they were giving examples of good technology integration and non examples. I really wish I could have seen those. I do know one of the non examples was using a Smart board just to say you used technology. The webinar was about getting away from using technology just to say we used it. There needs to be intentional integration that helps a student learn the common core standards.

Additional Resources


Technology Integration Matrix

This matrix gives teachers ways to integrate technology into their lessons. It allows them to choose the type of learning environment they want to have. It also allows them to choose the level of technology that they want. It could be entry level to transformation. This matrix is very helpful when integrating technology into Common Core Lessons.

New Literacies and the Common Core

This article gives tips for students practice reading screen based texts. This type of reading is very important since most testing is going online. It also provides prompts for close reading print and non print texts. Tips are also given for digital writing and collaborative writing. These types of writing are very big in Common Core across all areas.

Technology and CCSS

This video gives examples of technology integration in a secondary environment and an elementary environment. The teachers tell how their classrooms have changed for the better with the integration of technology. The video also gives two examples Web 2.0 tools that can be used, Voki and Facetalk.