Month End Recap


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September 2015 recap

This update is for my team only, and is designed to provide

  • a recap of our success from the previous month
  • real-life examples of what other consultants are doing
  • training and information

The numbers: Team stats

Number of Consultants: 6

Average Personal Volume (PV): $548

Three Highest PVs: $1,033, $999, $810

"Aint that S'well" Promotion winners!

Congratulations to Kerry Williams! She finished strong in September and earned a new Swell bottle! Happy shopping to Kerry!

Welcome New Consultants!

The following consultants joined us in September!

Michelle Banta. (upline: Lani M.)

--A little about Michelle... she is a pilot and has a wonderful husband and 3 sweet dogs! I met Michelle through a neighbor friend at a social. She loves Beautycounter and has a heart of gold! I hope you get a chance to get to know her at a future networking event!

We are so glad you are with us! This will be fun and rewarding!!

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NEW "Start Counting" program

Our new and improved "Start Counting" program encourages early selling and recruiting efforts. New consultants AND their mentors have the opportunity to increase their income and also become eligible to earn product credit, cash bonuses, and exclusive Beautycounter merchandise, all of which can help you continue to grow your business!

$50 - $200 cash bonuses and product credits!
Sample Sets!
Beautycounter tote bag!
Beautycounter S'Well bottle! What?!?!
Complimentary Leadership Summit registration....WOW!

Please spend some time familiarizing yourselves with this new program, which is crucial for new consultants, recruiting and mentoring:
Behind the Counter > Incentives > Start Counting Flyers & FAQs

Listen to the call here

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Listening to Training Calls

With our relatively new company and ever-changing industry, there is always new information. Therefore, please be sure that when blocking out your Beautycounter hours each week, you are allocating some of that time to keep yourselves informed, up-to-date and educated. If you cannot listen to the calls live, that's okay! Most of them are recorded. They can be found in two places:

Company/HQ Calls
Behind the Counter > Calls
Team Calls > Training Materials > Team Calls

Tip: I jot the phone number, access code and reference number for a specific call on a post-it note and stick it on my phone. I listen to it as I drive to pick up my kids from school or when I take a 20 minute walk outside!

There are two team calls this week:
(641) 715-3580
Access Code: 777440
Monday 9AM PST / 11AM CST / 12PM EST: Topic: October Updates, led by Laura Stenovec
Wednesday 7:30AM PST / 9:30AM CST / 10:30AM EST: Topic: Holiday Sales - How to have a strong holiday season, led by Jen Schultz and Salima Fetter

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Holiday Gift Sets are Here! And FABULOUS!!!

Our Holiday Sets have been unveiled and they are GORGEOUS! I mentioned this topic in last month's recap, but it is important and timely, so it's worth repeating.

You are a Beautycounter consultant and educator. This means that you're personally helping with the mission of getting safe products into the hands of everyone. We all know that the most likely way for someone to make the #switchtosafer is for them to TRY our products. As a representative of our brand, consider gifting Beautycounter whenever you can! Examples include

  • Teacher gifts
  • Birthday presents
  • Holiday gifts
  • Hostesss gifts
  • Thank you gifts
  • Extra products for your own client and/or team incentives

We should also be the first to try any new products!

BUDGETING: Building your personal collection AND gifting can require some budgeting. One way to conquer this issue is to place regular, smaller but more frequent orders. What if you ordered a couple of things every payday? I am going to personally order a couple of the gift sets this week for a social I have coming up next week. I want to know what they look and feel like so that I can make educated suggestions. I also want to have some on hand for last-minute emergency gifts. And, honestly, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new lip gloss and that Lustro Shimmer Oil in Rose Neroli! We are also offering holiday sets at every price point, which is fabulous! Start now, and the financial burden won't be as much of an issue.

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At Beautycounter, we think it's important to shift the conversation from "awareness" to "prevention." I think we can all agree that Americans are aware of breast cancer. So why are we dealing with the startling statistics in the graphic above? One of the reasons that the Breast Cancer Fund is one of our three trusted non-profits is because they are one of the only (if not THE only) major breast cancer organizations that is focused on PREVENTION.

As educators, share Beautycounter's health stats and facts with your networks this month. And when your fellow consultants are doing the same, please "like" their posts. The more "likes" and comments a post receives, the greater the likelihood that it will appear near the top of another user's news feed. We should all be supporting each other in this important mission - this month, and always.

I've seen some remarkable efforts from other consultants already, surrounding the issue of breast cancer.

Tara Woodland posted this on Facebook on Saturday:
For the month of October I am donating 10% of my personal sales to the Breast Cancer Fund. I am proud to be partnering with this organization that puts the focus on prevention. ‪#‎breastcancerawareness‬ ‪#‎beautycounter‬

Consider offering a client promotion this month where you offer a lip gloss or free shipping when they become a "Member" and designate their membership fee to The Breast Cancer Fund, one of our three trusted non-profits we support!

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Beautycounter Leadership Summit 2016 in Atlanta!!

Beautycounter's Annual Leadership Summit is a weekend of Beautycounter training and education. I had just joined in January of 2015 and actually earned the incentive to attend the 2015 event in Nashville, (last year), but chose to first focus on building my client base and team. However, in May of 2015, Paula Igney, Matina Hickethier and myself attended our first Regional Conference in Denver... and it was SO fun... and we learned a ton!

When the information is announced, I encourage YOU to also step out of your comfort zone and GO. Register RIGHT AWAY. I PROMISE you that you won't be sorry, and your business IS GUARANTEED TO GROW. And our little team will all take care of each other, so you'll have people to hang out with. We're pretty fun. :-)
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Current Incentives

  • 2 Months to Manager Training
  • 3 Months to Director Training
  • NEW Start Counting Program

You can always find details on current incentives in Behind the Counter>Building Your Business>Incentives.

Recruiting: Key to your business growth

Here is an excerpt from Natalie John's email this week on great recruiting tips!

The Three-Check Method
There is no crystal ball to see into the future to know who is going to make an amazing Consultant, and anyone who joins us can unlock his or her full potential with the proper training and guidance, of course. But let’s cut to the chase and figure out our best candidates. A simple three-check method will help with this.

Check #1: Is he or she a “people person”?
We all have that friend everyone seems to gravitate toward when she walks into a room. She is well liked, genuinely likes people back, and seems comfortable and engaging. She might also be an influencer in her community. Check!

Check #2: Does he or she want more for himself or herself?
What I mean by this question is does this prospect want more for himself or herself, be it money, quality of life, greater flexibility, a better life in general, and/or to have made an impact on others’ lives? Is this person goal oriented and always striving for better? Then check, check!

Check 3: Is he or she coachable?
This is a tricky quality to assess, but it is an important one in a business that requires you to remain open and alert to situations that can help you move the needle in your business. Is your prospect open learning from you on the steps to having a successful business. For instance, will she be willing to start strong with several Socials and one-on-one appointments? Is she open to making a 100-person contact list and reaching out? Is she planning on following our system versus reinventing the wheel? Her response to such questions is one way to determine how coachable she is. If she is receptive and the response is positive, check times three.