Athens, the bright side

We care for wisdom, art, religion, sports, drama, and more!

Knowledge is power

Unlike the Spartans we care about knowledge! Knowledge helps our people fight in battle, invent useful things, and trade. The Spartans only have the knowledge of warriors. The boys from here are required to be home schooled until they are six. Once they are six they attend school until they are fourteen. After they can choose to learn for four more years. The Sparta boys are just sent off to military school when they are seven.

United we stand

We may not have old wise people like the Spartans, but the people in our government have all gone to school. Where the Spartans have only been to military school. All our choices are made as a team! We have The Assembly. Those people make the laws. We also have the Council of 500 for people who are poor and/or don't meet the requirements. Then we have the generals who command the army and the navy.


We care for our gods by making temples to honor them. While the Spartans are learning how to fight we spend much more time honoring the gods that will help us overcome hard times. We care so much about our gods we named our city-state after one; the most important one, Athena. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and we care for her her a lot.
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