my poems

by cody

Fire Dances - Personification

fire dances in the night back and forth

need more wood to mack it highter

rain falls down all night puting out the fire


baseball is my faverit sport it is my best resort.

in right field i get to catch fly balls better then all !!

when i'm up to bat I hit the ball better then all.

the old story

there was an old couch

there was a grouch

this cat

with i'ts mat

there was an old couch

the old man

there was a old man

he ate a ham and a lamb

he wet to the neris


there tis a terex that tis fat and tall

with a triseratop it tis small a sken


we where hunting last friday.

we shot a rabbit it ran in the brush i steped on a branch and it hit me in the face like a rack.

we walced some more we fowned a sqeral we shot at it it was a slpery lettel fishy i shot at it got- -away