Franz Anton Mesmer

known for animal magnetism

animal magnetism, Magnetic fluid, mesmerism.

Anton believed that our bodies had magnetic fields running through them which could be controlled and heal the person. He believed that magnetic fluid existed in all living things that produced disease. He studied and made different techniques that could re-establish the equilibrium of the magnetic fluid and cure the disease.

mesmer father of hypnosis

thanks to Mesmer we know that hypnosis and a trance state of mind is a human trait. this practice dated back to the Egyptians and Greeks and Romans. Mesmer helped carry hypnosis out of the occult and into the scientific study. Mesmer would sit his patient still in a chair or have group hypnosis healing.

How did people think?

many patients of Mesmer who received treatment felt new and changed as they left. but when scientist watched they noticed that the people only felt good cause they had the thought in their head. Mesmer wasn't doing anything magical or remarkable, he was just waving his hands and thought he was doing good. this helped us understand that we have it in our mind to feel healthy or not and that hypnosis has been used by humans since the dawn of time.