American Revolution Facts

By: Pranav Tetali, period 2

Boston Tea Party

People know of the Sons of Liberty pouring tea into the harbor on December 16, 1773, but many people did not know of the same act that took place on March 7, 1774
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African Americans

There almost one African American in seven Americans who was part of George Washington's Army. There was even a all-black First Rode Island Regiment which comprised of 92 slaves who were promised freedom and 33 freemen fighting against the British.
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Role of women

Thousands of women were on the battle field as cooks and nurses for their husbands fighting in the war.
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King George

After the battle at Yorktown, King George 3 wrote a letter of abdication but soon withdrew it, consoling himself that the Americans would want the royal rule back, when Washington becomes a dictator.
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Declaration of Independence

Benjamin Franklin wrote the first Declaration of Independence in 1775, though many of the Continental Congress revolted it, and it would take an additional year for Congress to vote for independence.
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