Gospel Doctrine

New Testament study for October 25th

Lesson 38: “Thou Hast Testified of Me”

Acts 21:10-13 Acts 21:17-19 Acts 21:20-37. Despite the objections of his companions, who fear for his life, Paul travels to Jerusalem. He reports on his missionary journeys to the brethren there. He goes to the temple and is taken by an angry mob. The chief captain arrests him but allows him to speak to the people. Paul tells the people about his conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Acts 22:22-26 Acts 23. The mob rejects Paul and seeks his life. The chief captain removes Paul from the mob and holds him in a castle. The next day the chief captain takes Paul before the Sanhedrin. Another great dissension arises, and again the chief captain removes Paul and has him taken to the castle. That night the Lord appears to Paul and tells him that he is called to bear witness in Rome as well as in Jerusalem. More than 40 Jews plot to kill Paul, and he is taken to Felix, the governor, for safety.

Acts 26. After several years of persecution and imprisonment, Paul is brought to testify before King Agrippa. Agrippa rejects Paul’s testimony and sends him to Rome to see Caesar.

Acts 27 Acts 28. Paul is shipwrecked on his way to Rome after the captain of the ship ignores his counsel. When he finally reaches Rome, he is imprisoned, but he preaches to all who will listen.

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