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Susie Butler, CIT Poteet HS

Phone: 830-742-3521 X1130

Cell: 210-789-8800

Twitter: susiekbutler


This week I have watched some amazing videos this week

Science Instruction:

Teaching Channel - Planning and Outcomes in Science and Time Management. There is lots to be learned from videos like these.

Also, thanks to Ron Smith for sharing this video from on collaboration, Got a Wicked Problem? First let me tell you how to make toast.

Google Tips for the month

I attended 2 Google training events this month. I learned a ton about Google Classroom and Sites.

Did you know you can export grades from Google Classroom and import to TxGradebook?

Did you know that you can change the color of folders in Google Drive?

Your students can work offline in Google Classroom with exception of the “Turn in” feature

Google Apps - redirect to website - browse and see what you can find

Google Extensions - perform functions with Google Chrome browser

Google Add-Ons - were called scripts - work inside docs and sheets.

Google Plug-Ins - help the browser process special types of web content; java flash, windows media file updates

3 Minute Tip Boomerang

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