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Media and media literacy

Media is a form of information in which people use to spread news and important events that matter to them and that are happening or going to happen. Media has many different faces and ways of spreading. Television, internet, people, phones and magazines are some of the most used ways of spreading media. People in general have different opinions about what the media says because what matters to one person might not matter to another person. People tend to spread and talk about what they care about or maybe just find interesting. Media is a way for people to be more in contact with the world and know what’s happening around the world or maybe just to know what is happening within your friends or where you live. The importance of media is that is a powerful way to get your message across and that it can affect people and in the decisions they make. Big companies know this and use it as a form to spread their own ideas and products to more people. Coca cola is one of this companies as you can see there logo almost everywhere, commercials, movies, and bill boards. Media literacy is also important because it’s the way form in how you present or show your information. Slang is a way in which media is spread in forms of letters and even numbers the each stand for a word. This type of media literacy is used by most teens who find it attractive and easier to write “u” instead of “you”. This form seems to satisfy most teens but when it comes to companies they tend to use multiple ways because they want to spread their news, information, ideas or products to everyone depending on what it is. They might use slang to try and attract teens and younger people and use more casual words to attract adults.

super bowl precis "Puppy Love"

Budweiser in the Super Bowl commercial, “puppy love,” shows that puppies can be anyone’s best friend at any time. Budweiser supports his belief by showing how the puppy always went to go see the horses at any time, even when it was raining. The author’s purpose is to exaggerate the friendship the puppy has in order to satirize that Budweiser beer is also everyone’s best friend at any time, no matter the time or situation. The author illustrates his commercial in a humorous yet happy tone for both men and woman. puppy love commercial

satirical speech: Teacheritis

It is a sad sight to those, who walk through this great school or travel in the hallways five days a week, the hallways filled with doors and even more doors. Then their is A-pod which is filled whit teachers but this ar not ordinary teachers. they themsleves dont know it but they are all suffering from teacheritis. It is a disease that affects teacher and causes them to have mental problems we can all be fixed with a quick trip to the psychiatrist. At first you begin with a simple head and your always seeming to question yourself and your actions. This is only the first stage and you might be able to live with it for a while. After a few months of constent head aches and no treatment you can begin to devlop stage 2 teacheritis. Stage two steps up all the stress on your brian by cause that person to be almost un able to sleep at times, sleep deprivation is what begins to accer. At this point teachers have to deal with head aches and little to no sleep. After all the unpleasent days of going through the same troubles, teacher begining to form another symptom but not another physical trait but an iability to maintain a calm and reasonable behavier. They start to take out there frustration on-their student and begin to give and handout work at an unstoppable rate. Soon even he is unable to keep up with the work that is being turned in by all the students. These will only worsen the situation and the teacher only more stressed out will continue to hand out work. After all the stress an both the students and the teacher, another disease begins to come out of the shadows and that disease is known as senioritis, which begin to form in students who are already lazy but with the over consuming amount of assingments they become even more lazy. The disease will just continue until the whole school system will fail. After much thinking i have single handedly come up with a solution. We have have to have to kill these disease at the beginging to prevent it from spreading. I talked with many teachers who are suffering from this terrible disease and they all agree with my solution. To start of with we will make all school days an hour shorter. The less time teachers soend looking at students the more time they will have to themself and be more relaxed. Next we will also try to get as many breaks as possible and they will be paid. Teachers will also have to take several trips to boxing gym. The students and teachers will bot get the chance to be able to fight each other. It will a clean fight thou, with a reff and everything. These will be a great experience since we all know that some students and teachers hate each other, because we all know that teachers just want to punch us in the face instead of talking to us at times. This solution will be fun for both of us and it will work, I hope.
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The Ministry of truth

Today we come together to remeber what is WW2 and the victory of the axis power. This war was a hard fight but in the end communism prevailed and the terrible allies who thought they could leave germany as a 3rd world country is no more. Thanks to our ever ruling leader Hitler we have once agian spread peace through the world and all their evil deeds have been erased. 1939 was the year this war had began and it was six long years but In the end we have wan. The rich and powerful allies who wanted to inslave all other and turn everyone into thier slaves is gone. I will tell you friends what i can remeber of those days. After the destruction of germany were left powerless and the allies forced us to pay huge amount of fees and labor just so that we would be speard. It wasn't until Hitler rose from the ashes of Germany that we began to fight for or freedom.  He told us the truth about all the hiiden spies that the allies had hidden in our society, the jews who were watching us and teling the allies what we were doing. We had to get rid of all those traiters so they were the first to go. We choose our own allies carefully and went with the japan who just like us were week and needed to gain a better place in the world for everyone. The United States of america was the key to winning this war so for months we send our soldiers as regular citizens and when the time was right we had them take out thier leader.

smore #7

Smore entry #7

When I first got to this class I was expecting it to be just like any other language arts class and that I would end up doing the same thing again which would be to read books all days, do vocabulary words, essays and poetry. I’ve never really toke into liking any language arts class that much and was thinking the same way when I first came in here. I was wrong though this was a totally different experience for me, the way the class was set up and how the class went about kept me interested in mostly everything we did. I learn that there is more to social media and how the world around me works. It makes you change the way you see the world as a whole and how people can use words to show and express there self in whole new ways. When you are living every day without much care you can miss hidden messages and not see the big picture in things, this class helped me see those messages and kept my mind opened to new ideas. To me learning how to make a précis is one of the things that I would take with me because it is an easy way to get information out of any work of literature and see what they are trying to say and to whom they are trying to get their message across to. The only complain I ever had about this class was the work load that came with it but besides that these class makes it possible for anyone to pass. Most of the work given is material that has no real wrong answer and as long as you pay attention the class gives you everything. To me this was definitely the most interesting and life affecting class to me. What I learned here are things that I feel I can take with me and know that I can be able to use them in the future.

Smore #6 Human by Christina Perry

It toke me a while to find a song that reminded of 1984, since I don't really listen to music that much and the few songs that I listen too aren't that relatable to the book. I asked my girlfriend for help since she knows every song out there, so she gave me a couple of songs that she thought could be relatable to the book. After listening to all of them I chose this one because the title its self talks about being human and it talks about human emotions and how they can suppress them and keep them away from other people. Also it talk's about love and what people are able to do and what they will do just so that can be together.