Confucianism vs. Taoism

by Nathaniel Louis Mayflower III

If a Government was founded on Confucianism

  • Every action would help the entire society the best, rather than just one leader or a specific person.
  • Every person in the society would have a different job that they need to fulfill
  • Each person has obedience and respect to the "superior" in the society

If an Asian family was influenced by China, they would:

-Do what is best for everyone, not just themselves

-Try their best to fulfill the part in society that was given to them by their superior and do it with joy

-The children would respect and do what their older siblings, parents, or somebody higher in society has asked them to do something

Are Taoist principles relevant to the issues we have today?

-Taoists in Ancient China do have some issues that are still common issues today in the USA

-They didn't believe in killing, stealing, or fighting over one another, so yes these are still common issues that we have today


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How does all of this fit together in terms of people, religion, and thinking?

-Confucianism was almost considered a religion in Ancient China times

-People would live and think of Confucius and his ideas everyday day and night, and everything in between

-In Ancient China, people would go through the day thinking of their religion and what was best to do for the entire society they live in