UHP: Fall 2014 Schedule of Events

Mark your calendars!

How can I get involved in Honors this semester?

This semester we are offering three new student activities:

  • The Friday Afternoon Series
  • Salon
  • Cookies with Dr. J

Keep reading for more information on each one.

Please refer to the bottom of the page if you would like to suggest an activity!

Friday Afternoon Series

The Friday Afternoon Series is a weekly workshop for Honors Students. Each workshop, with the exception of the Welcome Meeting, will take place at 2:30 PM in Mihaylo 1406, unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 29th at 1:30 PM: Honors Welcome Meeting
Welcome back to another semester! Students of all grade levels are invited to attend and connect with their peers, meet faculty, and hear a discussion of what it means to be an Honors Student.

Sept. 5th: The Honors Four Year Curriculum
Am I taking the right Honors classes? What should I expect next semester? What is the GPA I need to maintain? These and many other questions will be answered so you can rest assured knowing you're on the right track.

Sept. 12th: Stress Free Productivity

Have you found yourself stuck on a project or unable to concentrate due to wandering thoughts and distractions? Only when your mind is clear and your thoughts are organized can you achieve effective productivity and unleash you creative potential, and this presentation will demystify how to finally “get things done” by getting those projects and tasks out of your head. Hosted by the Peer Health University Network.

Sept. 19th: The Senior Honors Project
This workshop will demystify the Senior Honors Project. Learn more about what the project is, the benefits of completing the project, why you should choose a topic you enjoy, and more. Students of all grade levels are invited to attend.

Sept. 26th: Grad School - It's Never Too Early to Think About It
Are you thinking of applying to grad school? Whether you're a freshman and grad school seems far in the future, or you're a senior about to take the GRE, come hear the insights of faculty who have all been there and have your questions answered.

Oct. 3rd and 17th: Academic Advising
Ready for Spring registration? Take advantage of Honors Advisement!

Stay tuned for November/December events.


Students with intellectual ideas need a place to discuss them. Enlightenment thinkers of the 18th Century met in Salons, where they freely discussed art, literature, culture, and philosophy. Every Monday at 2:30 PM, the Honors Center will host a casual get-together of students who would like to discuss their work and share their ideas. Read aloud, share a topic that interests you, or just come to learn something new!

Cookies with Dr. J

Dr. J wants to meet you! Come discuss the program, your classes, and your ideas with her over some delicious baked goods.

Cookies with Dr. J will take place the last Tuesday of every month, at 2:30 PM in the Honors Center PLN 120.


Never hesitate to get in contact!

Is there an activity you want that the Honors Program isn't providing? Do you have an idea for an event or workshop? Is there a guest speaker you'd like to see visit CSUF? We want your feedback! Send us an email with "Student Suggestion" in the subject line.