Birthday Book Club

All SAES Students are Welcome to Join!

Dear Saint Andrew's Families,

We invite you to join the Saint Andrew’s Library Book Club! Each year, children can donate a book to the library in honor of their birthday. Each donated book will receive a bookplate with the student’s name inscribed in it, and I will present the book to their class during their library time. We will also celebrate with a birthday cupcake for all members in April! Children are welcome to join at any time, even if their birthday has already past recently, or if their birthday is in the summer.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to join, so we are offering these alternatives:

  • Donate a favorite book (but please contact me first to make sure we don’t already have copies). It should be a gently used book from home, or a new book from the bookstore.
  • Hand in a check for $15.00 to me or the office (made out to Saint Andrew’s School with Birthday Book Club in the memo line), and I will hand select a book that your child might be interested in.

We hope that you will participate in this tradition, as it is a great opportunity to celebrate both your child’s birthday and reading!


Ms. Tarrice