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Monday, May 16th

This weekend i didn't really do much except for go to buffalo wild wings with some friends. When we were done eating we went to my friend Cole's house to hang out. And I also had my little cousin Briston over that i hadn't seen in a very long time. It was nice see my uncle and him. Briston is 16 months old and is really funny to be around. He is always a bunch of fun and always awesome to be around. He cant say L's or R's very good yet so he calls me Cowey.
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Tuesday, May 17th

Today we will be working on our group projects in this class. I don't really have a lot of ideas but i have some. We have to put hyperlinks in them so that we can make a trip and it is like a choose your on adventure book but instead its on a PowerPoint. My group and I are making it about a trip to Antarctica!
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Wednesday, May 18th

Today we will be working on our projects again. This will be the last day to work on them before we have to present them. I don't think ours is bad but it does need a lot of work so i might be going home tonight and working on it. Lately school has been going really slow because it is getting close to the end of the school year which means summer break. And let me tell you am i ever ready for summer break!
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Thursday, May 19th

I'm pretty pumped for summer break! we only have about 11 days left of school. When we get out I'm going to go camping all the time and I'm going to hang out with friends and play games. Today i helped clean desks in ELT for my teacher.
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Friday, May 20th

Today is the last day to work on our choose your own adventure PowerPoints. I think ours is pretty good but it needs some work. We are almost done but we just need to make it a little longer. Today I'm hoping to get about 6 more slides.

Monday, May 23rd

This weekend i went camping at Swiss valley for the entire weekend. I went to the creek and tried to ride my scooter through it but it was to slick so i slipped and fell. After that i was already wet so me and my dog went creek stomping in deep water. We had a lot of fun and after that we both had to get clean so my mom washed her outside and i took a shower inside. The whole weekend we were getting bothered by stupid Box-elder bugs. It was so bad that when we got home we had to wash our camper with a power washer to get all he eggs off of it.

Monday, May 23rd (About my book)

I have a really interesting book in a two book series. I'm on the second one and it is called Touching Spirit Bear. It is about a kid named Cole who gets into a lot of trouble with the police and his parents. He is a bully at school that beats up a kid and gets sent to an island for banishment. While he is there he changes a lot. Meanwhile the kid that he beat up tried to commit suicide a couple time but failed. Then that kid gets sent to be on the island with Cole and they make up and become best friends.

Tuesday, May 24th

I like to go camping but i don't think it matters because my dad wants to sell it. And i want a 4-wheeler so i think its for the best.

Tuesday, May 24th (About my book)

So Cole and Peter are starting to get bullied at school and don't know how to get out of it without fighting them. So they try a bunch of things but none of them work. Then, the next day the bully tries to run Cole over with his skateboard but Cole moves and the kid smashes his face against the sidewalk and Cole helps him even though he was trying to hurt Cole. Next, Cole goes to the hospital to support him.

Wednesday, May 25th

If I could go anywhere without money being an issue I would go to an all inclusive 3 week cruise to Hawii with my family. We would visit all the volcanoes and get a huge cruise ship. I would also bring 10-15 of my friends with me so i would have a lot of fun. We would go snorkeling and hiking up a volcano. It would be so fun and i would do some many fun things.

Wednesday, May 25th (About my book)

We have been reading a story in literature about two sisters. One of them is really poor and happy and the other one is rich and miserable.

Thursday, May 26th

If i had 5 wishes with rules like "no wishing more wishes and no wishing all the money in the world." I would have to say the first thing i would wish for is all my families debts to be paid off. Next, I would buy a nice house and cars. After that, I would buy my dog 3 other dogs so she could have friends to play with. Next, I would wish for unlimited gems on all mobile games. Lastly, I would buy a cruise ship so that my family and I could go almost anywhere in the world.

Thursday, May 26th (about my book)

Adding onto the first time i wrote about my book, I will continue in detail about the first book in this dynamic duo. So when cole got sent to banishment at first he tried to escape but got swept back. Then, he got mauled by a spirit bear and was on the edge of deasth and finally realized how bad he had been throughout his life. And he was saved but is in a lot better mood about life now.

Friday, May 27th

This weekend i will be going to Jelly stone campground. I am going there from after school to Monday morning. I will be going with my cousins and friends. My uncle and his baby were going to come and stay in our camper too but Briston(the baby) got sick :(. So they can't come this weekend. But i think i will still have a lot of fun camping and going out with cousins and friends to jelly stone. They have a pool and a bounce pillow and even my favorite thing to do when i go there, the gaga ball pit. Oh, and my other cousins are permanent there which means there camper stays there and they just have to drive up there and back. that would be a lot easier considering we have a big 5th wheel camper to haul to and from various campgrounds. When we get home there will only be 5 days left of school.