LV Technology

Colten Callesen

Typing Web

  1. Helps us with our typing skills
  2. Typing is a 21st century skill
  3. Our goal is to finish the intermediate section


  1. We got to learn about other people
  2. learn if other people have pets or not
  3. We also made one about our life

Career locker

1. This is were we looked up jobs

2. We looked up our dream job

3. We looked at the salary and all the things that go into having a job

Haiku Deck

  1. We did a project for our dream job
  2. It gave us more information about our dream job
  3. We got to learn alot more about our dream job

Explain Everything

1. Everyone had to pick a math problem to explain

2. As drew out the math problem

3. We recorded our self talking and explaining the math problem

Hour Of Code

  1. We learned how to program objects
  2. There was lots of options of what to code
  3. Also there was many characters to program

Email Etiquette

  1. We learned how to make proper Email
  2. Everyone got graded on there how good/bad there Email's were
  3. This is a very helpful still to have in the future