How a computer work

Things u need to know about computers

| Computers |

Want to know more about how to use a computer? Good thing you came here. This page will explain you every single parts and other things about computer!!

|Input Devices|

Input devices are the parts that are in the computer case such as processors, power supply, etc.

|Output devices|

Output devices are the things that you connect to the computer such as a mouse, keyboard, etc.

Operating System

Operating system is a software that allows you to fully use the computer. there are 3 major operating system which are Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS. there are few others like Ubuntu and Linux. the most used operating systems are Windows and Mac OS.
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This video will explain every single parts that are in the computer
Computer Components Explained for Relaxation *Softly Spoken*
How to build a computer by yourself

This video will explain you how to build a computer for those people who don`t know.