Concussions in the NFL

Jay Kannan, 1/6/16, Period 7

The Hits keep Coming

In the NFL, you get tackled or tackle people. That's the bottom line. But every time a player gets hit, their risk of getting a head injury increases. That means these players are getting head injuries called concussions. A concussion is when a player gets hit and the impact rapidly accelerates the head causing the brain to strike the inner skull. So I thought, how can I create a presentation that will raise people's awareness about concussions in the NFL? I selected the topic because people get hurt severely in this game. I also picked it because I love this sport, but I don't like to see my favorite players get hit like how they do. Former Buffalo Bills DE Mark Kelso said, "The game is going to suffer until we come up with adequate solutions."

Players with concussions in the 2015 Season

Some players in the NFL in the 2015-2016 season have had concussions. But most of them stayed in the game after they had taken the hit. Some of the players were diagnosed for concussions after they played some more snaps. These are some of the players who had concussions.
Le'veon Bell knocked out
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Young Retirements

Some players in the NFL have retired at a very young age because they were concerned about their health. Some of those players were San Francisco 49ers LB Chris Borland(24) and OT Anthony Davis(25), also from the 49ers. Another player that retired at a young age was Arizona Cardinals WR Ryan Swope(22). These players were worried about the risk of concussions in the game.