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Aluminum Fences Direct : aluminum fence panels wholesale

Aluminum Fences Direct is a wholesale distribution company designed to meet the needs of both, the home owner and small to mid-sized fence contractors. We are a Premier Direct On-line Dealer that represents a US manufacturer based in North Carolina that leads the aluminum industry and is committed to customer satisfaction as well as growing market share.

American aluminum extrusions are purchased from American extruders and then sent to the Carolinas for fabrication, assembly and powder coating by our American workers. Just because another company says 'Made in America' doesn't mean they're getting their materials from American companies. Make sure to ask where the extrusions are being powder coated. That should give you a better idea.

The styles that you'll see here are a residential grade, but we also have commercial and industrial grades available as well! Our traditional fence sections have the ability to adjust(rack) up a slope, 12 inches for every 6 foot wide panel or up to 30 inches with our free double punched option.

Other companies say that they're US companies because they 'assemble' their products in the US, but if you ask them where they're buying their aluminum extrusions from OR where their powder coating is being done, in just about ALL instances, you'll find that they're getting it from China or Mexico. We represent a company that ONLY buys their aluminum from US companies and assembles it right here in North Carolina, USA. Even our arched gates, estate and cantilever gates are manufactured at their plant in North Carolina from materials purchased locally.

Aluminum Fences Direct

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We started Aluminum Fences Direct because the larger fence contractors, with their better pricing, are able to compete better for the aluminum and ornamental jobs leaving the smaller guys to overcharge or just not get the jobs because they can't buy as low as the larger guys. The larger fence contractors are buying in volume or buying from China and assembling it themselves, whereas the smaller contractors don't have that capability.
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