Discrimination Against Women

In Marketing and TV ads


There are many bias judgments against women, including the lack of their appearance in marketing. Women have the same capabilities as men in this field, its just the fact women have been categorized over time as less competent than men.

Facts and Statistics

~ 25% of the commercials had no women in them at all. Only 5% of the commercials contained no men.

~ Of the 41% commercials that did contain women, 56% failed to give the women any spoken lines.

~ Out of the 29 commercials with voice overs only 2 ( 7% ) were done by women.

~ Out of 55 movies produced, 50 were male producers.

Some Examples

Why Society Is Wrong

Why Society Is Wrong

Discrimination against women has gone on a for a while. It was only less than 100 years ago women couldn't even vote. Some people still believe women are a lower and that men "own" women. They are wrong considering one of the most popular social media pages is Facebook whose COO is a female and was named apart of the social media networks board in June of 2015.