Digital Creation Project

Goals and Skills

The purpose of this project is to give you the chance to use some of the skills you've learned this year to create something original and awesome! You will find information online, evaluate the usefulness of different websites, practice online safety and digital citizenship, plan and problem solve, cooperate and collaborate , and put your computer skills to good use.

The Options:

For this project, you have the choice of creating something using a program called Scratch or a program called SketchUp. Watch BOTH of the videos below to get an idea of what each program can do.


Intro to Scratch


How to make a doghouse in sketchup


Today, the goal is for you to choose which program you will be using for your project, and to come up with an idea of what you will create. On the 5th Grade Library Page there are resources and ideas for both. BEFORE YOU LEAVE TODAY, answer the questions on this form about your project: 5th Grade Digital Creation Project

Homework: Continue to plan the details of your project. If possible, watch the video tutorials posted on the library page (or video tutorials you find on your own) so that you can become more familiar with the program.

Next time: We will work on these projects for the remainder of the school year during library classes. On the last day of class, we will present as many projects as possible (both finished and unfinished).

Did you know?

Both of these programs are FREE! If you have your parent's permission and a computer with internet access, these programs can be downloaded at these sites: