Madison Jackson

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Describe something you did yesterday.

Yesterday was a somewhat exciting day for me. I spent most of my day studying for my test at the DMV. After a long wait and an easy test, I got my learner's permit.

Something you do well

Sixth grade was the year I really got into music, it was the first year I ever played trombone. It was hard at first but I picked it up in time. Now, this year I play the trombone in the marching band.

Something about your childhood

My childhood was filled with embarrassing moments. When I was about 6 my mom wouldn't let me go outside so I decided I would jump out of my bedroom window. I thought I could use the bricks as a ladder and ended up landing on my arm.

Something you learned last week

For the longest time I thought that sausage was made from cow. When my family was eating breakfast I made a comment about it. My dad laughed and tried to tell me that sausage was made from pig and not cow.

Something you can't live without

I am a big reader so I have a rather large collection. Out of all those books there is one book, Olive's Ocean, that I can not live without. It is and always will be my all time favorite book.
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Something you love to watch/listen to

I love a lot of songs and have listened to a lot of songs. There is this one song that I have always loved though, Skyway Avenue by We the Kings. We the King is my one of my favorite bands and this song was their greatest song.

Something you dislike

I hate bullies. I hate when I can hear someone chew their food. I also hate when I can see what someone is eating.