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News for Mrs. Idehenre's Third Grade

The Honeycomb

September 13, 2016


This week in math, we will finish learning about patterns in addition. We will take our pattern assessment on Thursday. We will begin with place value up to 100,000 on Friday.

English Language Arts (ELA):

In reading, we are learning how good readers ask questions before, during, and after their reading. Be sure to read each night. All students should now have a guided book on their reading level. Contact me if you are interested in having access to their online reading log.

In writing, students are learning how to write narratives using their personal experiences and things that they cherish. This week, we are working on our special places writing.

This week in word study/grammar, we will finish sentence types in grammar on Tuesday and finish the week with plural nouns in Word Study. We will take the spelling assessment using plural nouns on Friday.

Social Studies:

In social studies, we are learning more about the geography of S.C. Be sure to check out Daily Geography Week 1 in Educreations and the social studies log this week.


In Science, students are expanding their learning on rocks. This week, students are able to explore minerals and will learn more about what minerals are and why they are important.

Assessments at a Glance:

Monday - none

Tuesday - none

Wednesday - none

Thursday - Pattern Assessment

Friday - Daily Detective #5; Plural Nouns Spelling

Curriculum Night

Thanks to everyone who came out to curriculum night. We enjoyed sharing with you about grading practices, creating your parent account on Canvas, and how to stay in contact with us. The most enjoyable moment was getting you involved with playing Kahoot, so you can see what your child is raving about. Our own Caleb tested your kahoot and scored 100% on parent information. He issued a challenged to the parents to beat his score. We look forward to enjoying you all as much as we are enjoying your children. Third Grade is in full swing now!

Canvas - Parent Info

Canvas is an online course management system. For parents, it means you can log in to see your child's progress, check grades, and message the teacher. At curriculum night we went over how to create your parent account. See the link below for directions. You will need your child's username and password to link to their account. This information is on a label in their agenda.

If you already have a canvas account, simply go to settings. Choose add a child, and enter their information when asked. I look forward to see many more parent observers in our course.

Scholastic Order

I will be sending off the next Scholastic Book order on September 30th. You can link to your child's online reading log for current reading levels, so you can order books that are just right. Reply to this newsletter to get that information. You can also checkout some of the books the students were excited about by clicking here. You can use the paper order form in their yellow folder or order online at Scholastic with our code GJWHV.