Does eating gluten free foods actually make you healthier?

The Truth

Alot of times society, wants an easy way out. Since our lives are busy we never have time actually worry about eating healthy and exercising. So we hear that being healthier means eating all non-gluten free foods make a person healthier we go for it. But when in fact ( UNLESS YOU ARE ALLERGIC) there is more of chance of getting bigger and unhealthier. Our bodies need the nutrients and vitamins that a lot of food contain gluten.

What You Can Do

Instead of giving up on all high gluten foods try alternating to lower gluten foods. Like for example instead of using white bread you can use wheat bread that contain the grains your body needs and uses all day. Its important to watch what you eat. To be healthier you should eat small proportions every half our or hour. Exercising should be done every day.

What Does this all mean?

Gluten is just a protein that is used in processed food. Process foods are hard to stay away from and we live mostly by processed foods. Some contain a high number amount of gluten which is mostly fats but some are just fine. It is goo to try to avoid them as much as possible but we should use them when it comes to getting the right proteins.
All this doesn't mean gluten free foods is BAD, it is actually GOOD, but quitting cold turkey on turkey is not a great step to going healthy.
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