Bill of Rights Project

By Chandler Smith 1st period class

What are the bill of rights

The Bill of rights has to do with a government that tells you can and cant do or say

Amendment 1

You can say or write what you wont choose any religion allowing people gather in groups and complain about the government and they cant stop you

Second Amendment

To protect the country citizens serve as soldies citizens have a right to to pretect them selves government cant stop people from owning guns

Third Amendment

Solders cant barge in and demand to live in your house and eat your food

Fourth Amendment

Police cant just walk into your house search through your stuff and take it away they need a search warrant and they must give a really good reason for the search

Fifth Amendment

A capital crime a good jury decided enough evidence charged only once for a crime you dont have to say anything against yourself

Sixth Amendment

If you're charged with a crime your trial should happen as soon as possible or you can sit in jail for years you can have a lawyer and witness to back you up

Seventh Amendment

You can have a jury settle civil cases involving a lot of money once the case is decided he cant be brought up a group in another court

Eight Amendment

Your punishment should fit your crime

Ninth Amendment

Just because we made this list doesn't mean these are the only nights you have the government cant take away any rights

Tenth Amendenment

What if the constitution doesn't give a certain power to some thing as long as it doesn't say any where that the states cant do something then then states have that power

1st Amendment Freedom of speech, the press, and religion

The first amendemt and ow the court have been involved in protesting or limiting freedom