This Just In: Lung Cancer IS BAD

What's in your chest? Lungs. What's in your lungs? CANCERRRR

Some Background Stuff:

Lung Cancer was barely recognized as a disease in 1761 with only about a 1% of lung cancer cases to be reported as having tumors. That number raised to be 15% in the early 1900s as well as the chance of even having cancer in the first place (going from .3% in 1852 to 5.66% in 1952). Before the year 1929, cigarettes weren't even suspected as being bad for your lungs and were actually advertised as having a positive effect on you; and in 1964, it was finally publicly advised by the Surgeon General to stop smoking.

Some symptoms of lung cancer include:

  • Persistent coughing
  • Pain in the chest/shoulder/back from coughing
  • Changes in color of mucus
  • Difficulty breathing and/or swallowing
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Harsh sounds while breathing
  • Chronic bronchitis or pneumonia
  • And the worst, Coughing up blood.

Here are some who were affected by lung cancer:

George Harrison (Singer, The Beatles) *Deceased

Walt Disney (Cartoonist) *Obviously Deceased

Mario Gonzalez (Andy's Grandpa) *Deceased

Eddie Kendrick (Singer, Temptations) *Deceased

Walter White (Meth Dealer) *Deceased

Places to go for help:

The Hospital.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has many hosptials for one to go to.

Texas Technology offers a wide range of centers to go to for help as well. These two centers are especialsty and know how to deal with cancer. They have a lot of expericent and can help and care for while you go threw the treatment.


"They threaten me with lung cancer, and I still smoke and smoke. If only they threatened me with hard work, then I might stop." (Mignon McLaughlin)

"I refuse to let cancer get the best of me." (Sharon L)

"and if it comes back I'll keep fighting." (Nicole K)

Treatment for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is treated depending on the kind, location or size of the tumer. There are differnet procedures you can take when you have lung cancer. There's surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. When you have surgey, they will remove the cancer and not let it spred to other parts of the body, if it the cancer is small. but if they do not remove the cancer completly this can still help stop your symptoms. Radiation is another option and with radiation they use x rays or gamma rays which kills cancer cells and stops it from spreading. Chemotherapy is another procedure you can use to kill cancer cells.