"A Chinese Stranger Stuffs" By HuangQinjun

This Chinese person may not have a lot of stuff, but she does have enough to keep herself warm, entertained, and active. She may not have as much as others, but at least she's still alive and breathing. She may not have all the wants that she wants, but she does have the needs that she needs in order to survive. She basically don't have a lot stuff because of China's economic problems. I chose this picture cause she proves that you don't need a pile of stuff to survive or to keep yourself entertained.

"My Stuff, Not Yours"

These stuffs are bought from money that my brother earns to make a living. It may not be a lot , but it is enough to keep me warm and entertained. On the left side of the room is a pile of my shirts/sweaters and a basket of my pants. These clothes help me survive the bipolar weather in Springdale,Arkansas. On the right side of the room is my big teddy. This teddy bear means a lot to me because this was the last gift my dad bought me before he passed away. There's some more other girl stuffs on the right side to keep me entertained when I'm bored or when I'm lonely.