Britney McGovern

Point of origin?

Judaism originated from Canaan which is now Israel and Palestinian. Judaism did not emerge until the 1st century C.E.

How did it spread?

Judaism was spread by when Jews moved to different countries or when they were forced into exile. The Jews were exiled from their land a lot.

Where is Judaism most influential today?

Judaism is most infuential today in Isreal and the United States.

How many followers are there world wide?

Judaism has approximately 14.5 million followers today world wide.

Who is the main diety?

The main diety in Judaism in God, who is often refered to as Yeshua, Messiah, and Hashem.

Who and when was Judaism founded?

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the founders of Judaiasm. It was founded around 2000 B.C.E.

What do Jewish people call there holy book?

Torah, Tanakh (Hebrew scriptures), Talmud.

How is the religious leadership organized?

Judaism has an organization where it has your General Followers and Spiritual Mentor. Their religious leaders are called Rabbis and the Jewish community is referred to as the Kahal or Kehilla.

The Basic Beliefs

Jewish people believe in the Torah. The Torah is the whole of the laws that were given to Israelities at Sinai. They believe that they must follow gods laws which govern daily life. Later Rabbis wrote a book that determines the laws that would apply to daily life.

What sects of Judaism have developed over time?

Orthodox Jews were the first sect to develop and then years later Conservative and Reform Jews developed.