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July 2019

I want to be sensitive what I say in this paragraph, but I also want to plead for your prayers. Brian Danese, our Treasurer/Director of Church Development, fishes in Alaska during his summer vacation every year. Maybe you’ve seen on TV the fishing that takes place in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Our colleague and friend is in one of those boats out there fishing for salmon. We enjoy when Brian comes back with stories that only a fisherman can share. This year one of our pastors, Samuel Riemersma, joined the fishing on Brian’s brother’s (Jonathan) boat. A tragedy happened this year. A fisherman who had 12 years of experience fishing with the Danese brothers was swept overboard from Jonathan’s boat. Samuel and Jonathan tried everything they could to reach the young man, but could not. Please pray, and pray earnestly for this young man’s family and also all of those who were aboard when this terrible accident happened.

Big picture

It seems trite to me to go on with other things that are happening right now but I will try. Know that we in the Gulf States Conference are very close to one another. We are more than colleagues, we are brothers and sisters. When one hurts, we all hurt.

We concluded our evangelistic series that Cary Fry, Martin Fancher and I did with Pastor Kulakov in Opelika. It was a great experience and we anticipate four beautiful souls to come into our church in the near future.

I have spent most of my days this month looking for good pastors. We continue in that process currently. I want to say that I have sat down with a group of leaders at Birmingham 1st and had a great conversation regarding a new pastor. As of this date I have personally contacted 7 pastors and had a conversation about being on the list of potential pastors for Birmingham. So far all have either not been interested or have prayed about this feeler call and have said no. We know that God has the right pastor for us at the right time. We continue to search and make calls daily to fill this pastoral assignment.

I have also sat down with a leadership group in Huntsville. We have a pastor who is interested in Central as of my conversation with him yesterday and we should have an answer in the next couple of weeks. I want all of you to know how much I enjoy meeting with our churches in these endeavors.

I have been part of the team searching to replace Jerome Edmeade. We interviewed an accounting professor from Pacific Union College. Our treasury team enjoyed him but after praying and talking the move over with his family, he has told us he won’t be coming. So please join us in prayer for this position too.

I am writing this PP from Florida where I am attending a President’s Council. We meet four times a year and address all of the issues surrounding the Southern Union. I learn so much each time I’m with all of the Presidents.

Until next time,


Women's Ministry - Equipped to Lead

Friday, July 19th, 1pm to Saturday, July 20th, 4:30pm

10633 Atlanta Highway

Montgomery, AL

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Thursday, July 11,2019 at 4:30CST

Prayer Summit 2019 - He Touched Me

Friday, Aug. 30th, 3pm to Sunday, Sep. 1st, 11am

Shocco Springs, Talladega, AL, USA

Talladega, AL

The annual Prayer Summit invites all those that want a closer walk with Jesus. Powerful, spirit-filled messages are preached and participants are directed to make real what they have learned through the power of the Holy Spirit and intercessory prayer. The purpose of all annual Prayer Summits is to empower congregations and church members to pray without ceasing. At these summits, we are enriched by life-changing testimonies, small-group intercessory prayer, and spirit-filled anointing services. Let’s continue to make intercessory prayer a priority in our lives; praying for the lost; for our church families; our church leaders and the leadership of our respective conferences.

Who Should Attend: All who want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and experience renewed determination to make prayer a priority in their church, family and community are invited to attend.

Featured Speakers: Michel Rodriguez, Pastor for Gulf States Conference.

To guarantee your place, please register ASAP. Register online or call AdventSource at (800) 732-7587. AdventSource will process registrations for this event through August 27, 2019. All major credit cards accepted.

Gospel Weekend - Reflections on the Gospel with Brian Danese

Friday, Sep. 6th, 6:30pm to Saturday, Sep. 7th, 4pm

3520 Lorna Road

Birmingham, AL

Elder Brian Danese, VP of Finance and Church Development for Gulf States Conference, will be presenting this vital series on understanding the Gospel. You won't want to miss it.

"The Everlasting Gospel" - Friday Night
"The Gospel as a Center of Conflict" - Sabbath morning.
"The Pronoun Trap" - Sabbath Morning. The greatest hindrance to the gospel message.
"The Gospel" - Sabbath Afternoon. A look at Paul's understanding of the gospel message.
"Better Promises" - Sabbath Afternoon. A study of the covenants.

Possibilities Ministry: Aspergers, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum

Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 9:30am-2pm

6258 Mississippi 39

Meridian, MS

Join Larry R Evans, DMin, Assistant to the President - Special Needs Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, as he shares how we are all created in the image of God regardless of our limitations. You are a possibility.

How can we best reach and teach those with Aspergers, ADHD, or are on the Autism Spectrum? Come and learn with us.

Reid Soria - "Autism Sings" - will have a spiritual concert in the afternoon, and his mother will share what it was like raising a child on the Autism Spectrum.

Office of the President

The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church here at the Gulf States Conference Office in Montgomery, Alabama. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.