Knitting Technique

The Textile of Knitting

The Definition of Knitting:

Knitting is a method when yarn is manipulated to make a fabric or textile. It consists of lots of loops called stitches in line with one another. Knitting has multiple stitches on a needle at one time. It may be done by hand or by a machine. It is the most common textile.

The History of Knitting:

Evidence of knitting with two needles has been around since the 11th century. At this stage it was around Egypt where they knitted socks. By the 13th-14th century the technique of knitting was found in France, Germany, Britain and many more European countries. As you can see by the image below, knitting was apart of ancient Egyptian culture.

Examples of Knitting:

How to Knit:

To knit is simple especially regular knitting with 2 rods;

Follow these easy steps to get the hang of it;

Step 1- Unwind meaning take you wool off the bowl.

Step 2- Tie a knot at the end of the string.

Step 3- Cast On meaning that you put the snipped end closer to you therefore around your thumb and the other side around your pointer finger. You then tie a knot, followed by another to begin.

Step 4- Actually knit! In order to knit place the wool around one needle then take the other needle away undoing part of the pattern. Repeat this over and over to knit something.

Step 5- Cast Off meaning once you are finished stopping it. This can be done by placing the bottom loop over the top on both sides, then creating a knot.

This form of knitting is in most jumpers, beanies and bags.

You now know the basics to knitting - CONGRATS!

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How to Knit - Absolute Beginner Knitting, Lesson 1 - Even if You're Clueless!
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How I would use the knitting technique:

I have attempted to knit but can't do it to save my life. I have very fiddly hands therefore can't manage the needles. I do wear knitted clothes though!

The Knitting Technique- By Ella Schrijvers