Farming, Hunting, and Trading

By: Olivia Farley


We all love to shop but just imagine if there were no shops at all! The triangle trade helped people get goods or products they needed. If you were born in colonial times you better get down on your knees and start farming because you needed food to survive. Hunting was another way people could get food durning colonial times got what they needed. The colonists had a difficult time surviving at first,but they worked through it.

Triangle Trade

People trade Pokemon cards and video games today just like now people could trade over seas during the colonial times. People traded goods using the triangle trade. The triangle trade consisted of North America, Africa, and Europe. The thirteen colonies and the West Indies are part of North America. The West Indies traded molasses, sugar, and fruit. The thirteen colonies traded rum, dried fish, wheat, and rice. Africa traded slaves, gold and many other things. Europe also traded sugar and only sugar that's because they got there gold from Africa and grew most things. This is what the colonists imported and exported through North America, Africa, and Europe.


Farming played a important role durning the colonial times. The animals that they had were cows, pigs, and sheep, and only that because they could get milk from the cows, the fur from the sheep to keep the colonists warm, and meat from the pigs. The colonists planted many crops like wheat, corn, beans, squash and many other veggies. The Native Americans helped the colonists farm and taught them every thing that they know. The Native Americans taught them how to plant all sorts of plants like rice, tobacco, corn, and indigo. The colonists planted a variety of crops and used livestock to survive.


Colonists had to hunt in order to get food. The colonists hunted for turkey, deer, squirrel, and other animals too. Fun fact Colonists sometimes boiled the fat of animals and drank it. Colonists also would go fishing. When they went fishing they caught many fish. They prepared their fish dried, salted, pickled, and smoked. The colonists knew how to hunt already so they didn't need the Indians help on this sport. Hunting was another way colonists got food.


We all need to shop but there were no shops back then you had to make everything by hand. The triangle trade consists of North America, Africa, And Europe by trading 2 to 7 items on a boat. We all need to farm because we needed food to survive. Colonists hunted because. It was just another way to get food. Colonists worked hard and worked through it and now were here in the present.


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