Weekly Update

Adv. Mathmatical Decision Making B Mr. Hendrick

This Coming Week 4/19-5/1

Grade Update

Zeros has been entered in the grade book for assignments that are not submitted. Your grade will be posted for progress report by Tueday April 21st (if not sooner). However, it is not too late to submit work. The last day to submit late assignment is April 24th Friday. Late work policy will be applied according to the chart below.

Due Date:
April 17th was an assignment due date.

Late penalties will be applied as follows:

Monday, April 20th - 10% deduction

Tuesday, April 21st - 20% deduction

Wednesday April 22nd - 30% deduction

Thursday, April 23rd - 40% deduction

Friday, April 24th- 50% deduction

Office Hour:

The next Live Help session will be on Tuesday April 21 2015 at 8:00 P.M. Please let me know by email content you have questions. I can plan a lesson for it. Otherwise, I will be ready to help with the next dropbox assignment or test.

Remediation Opportunity

Want to improve your grade on the Graph Theory Unit Test?

Graph Theory Unit Test Go Poorly? Looking for Ways to Improve Your Test Grade?

Conflict Resolution Project Replaces Graph Theory Unit Test

Due Monday April 20th for All Sections.