Bloody Mess Flyer

Made by Young-A Kim (brian garmer and matthew hou)


A boy in school was killed during a break time from the chemical lab. Friends find him against the wall, splattered with blood.

Why did we pick this effect?

We picked this effect for this scenario because we thought it fit in well with the blood topic.

Ingredients In Fake Blood

(starred ones are the ones we actually used)

  • Corn Starch
  • Corn Syrup*
  • Water*
  • Mixing Cups*
  • Chocolate syrup*
  • Red food coloring*
  • Ketchup
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3 Step Blood

  1. Get out ingredients
  2. Experiment and mix the ingredients to find wanted product
  3. Use final product and enjoy

Safety Precautions

  • Tie up your hair(it's really sticky)
  • Wear an apron(your clothes can get sticky)
  • Be careful and don't spill(really hard to get the blood off)

Physical Properties Of Fake Blood

The Fake Blood is...

  • liquid
  • red
  • thick
  • opaque
  • flowy

Molecules In Fake Blood

The fake bloods state of matter is a liquid. The thick flowing liquid has molecules. The molecules in the blood move freely and pass by each other and can take shape of its container.

Physical or Chemical change?

Fake blood, physical change or chemical change? It's a physical change. When the substances or mixed together, the final product is still the substances mixed together.

How Can You Determine Chemical Change?

You will know if there is change in color/odor;projection of a gas;change in temperature, formations of precipitate, radiation(of light, heat, or sound). There wasn't any of that in fake blood.

Phase Change In Fake Blood

There is three main states of matter. Solid, Liquid, Gas. The fake blood was a liquid. During the lab of fake blood there was no phase change of the liquid all the materials used helped thickened the fake blood.It stayed a liquid the whole time.

Fake Blood In Entertainment

It is used in...

  • movies
  • plays
  • pranks
  • magic shows
  • etc.

Fake Blood Being used In Movies

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