Effective Use of Instructional Time

Making the most of 48-58 minute class periods!

Looking at Instructional Time Daily

When you make a move from a block schedule back to a carnegie unit based day (app 1 hour class periods), it takes some strategic planning to effectively use the time to maximize student learning. While there is a decrease of daily time per class, there will be an increase in the amount of instructional time per year. Considering this is important when looking at daily instruction -teachers shouldn't be tempted throw out their engagement and go back to talking AT students or sage on the stage strategies. We still need to keep kids engaged in learning for the 48-58 minutes. Below is a ASCD website that paraphrases a chapter (2) in the book The Key Elements of Classroom Management: Managing Time and Space, Student Behavior, and Instructional Strategies by Joyce McLeod, Jan Fisher, Ginny Hoover.

Take a look at some of the daily planning strategies it discusses for further guidance

Begin with the End in Mind

Wiggins and McTighe have spent a lot of time writing and discussing Backwards Design or put another way beginning with the end in mind. Many of you have probably thought about the learning outcomes for courses, units and lessons, especially when creating a new class or looking at new curriculum. Backwards design is an equally viable approach to restructuring a course based on the restructuring of a school day. I am including a link below of a chapter excerpt from, Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe that I think would be most helpful in guiding you all through this adventure.
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Common Core Standards & Subject Area Content Standards

When planning with the end in mind, please be sure that your course outcomes meet or hit all of the standards mandated by the state. This link will take you to MDE site with links to all standards.

2018-19 Daily Schedule and Calendar

Below you will find the 2018-19 Daily Schedule and Yearly Calendar. It is the same that Dr. Busch sent out on 12/6/17 to the entire staff - I just uploaded it here for your benefit. When you are planning, please ensure you are looking at Grade 6-12 Information and remember you won't have A and B days to contend with (one +).

FAPS Curriculum Mapping, Scope and Sequence Template and Checklists

When you are reexamining your course/unit progression, if you need a mapping document or a scope and sequence document please use the ones listed below. We will eventually get into mapping all courses, grade levels/subjects. If you have this now people won't have to redo when we get to the mapping deadlines of the district. You can convert to Google to be able to share and work collaboratively. If your subject matter or grade level wants to rewrite units or individual lessons send me an email, and I can shoot you a template we have been working on.