CKHS Student Grades/Assignments


Your child is expected to access Teams and Teams Meeting, as well as all other forms of communication and lesson delivery from their teacher(s) and complete assignments as assigned. Failure to do so could negatively impact his/her grades.

Missing Assignments

  • All students are responsible for submitting their assignments in a timely manner, even during virtual instruction days.
  • Students should be aware of deadlines from the teachers.
  • Logging in to IC and recording daily attendance does not count as attending class for the day. Students must also attend each class on their schedule, according to the time their class is assigned.
  • When a student does not submit an assignment, several things will happen:

  1. The teacher will enter a notation for "missing assignment" in the gradebook for that assignment
  2. An e-mail and alert will automatically be sent to the parent/guardian
  3. A grade of "0" for that assignment will automatically be entered for the assignment
  4. The student will have three days to submit the assignment for full credit
  5. If the student does not submit the assignment within three days, the notation in gradebook will change to "Incomplete" and the grade of "0" will remain.

*** class participation grades and their equivalent will not receive a three-day grace period

Incomplete Assignments

  • If a student does not submit an assignment within three days of the due date, the "missing assignment" notation in gradebook will change to "incomplete" and the grade of "0" will remain.
  • When an assignment is marked as "incomplete" several things will happen:
  1. A low grade alert and e-mail will automatically be sent to the parent/guardian.
  2. The grade of "0" will remain until the assignment is made up.
  3. The student will receive partial credit for the made-up assignment.
  4. Each teacher determines how many days a student will have to submit an assignment for partial credit.
  5. The amount of partial credit is determined by the teacher.
  6. Failure to make up the assignment within the time a teacher accepts late work WILL RESULT IN A FINAL GRADE OF "0" for the assignment.

*** assignments that fall into the category of "class participation grade" do not receive the same consideration as incomplete assignments

Monitoring student grades

  • Parents/Guardians may monitor student grades via the gradebook feature of IC.
  • In addition, e-mails for missing grades and low grades (grades of 69% or less) will be sent to the parents/guardians.
  • The IC gradebook contains links to messages of missing grades, as well as all grades issued
  • Below is a screenshot of with arrows pointing to the places in gradebook a parent/guardian should check for grading information.
Big picture

Passing/Failing a class for a Marking Period or for the year

There are currently no plans to issue credit for class failures. Unlike last year, when students received credit for classes regardless of the final grade, it is very unlikely that credit will be given for classes where failing grades are earned. We began the school year in a hybrid model, improved the ways in which we deliver instruction, and know that our high school students have connections to the internet. Remaining engaged in school, regardless of whether it is in-person, distance, or cyber is important. We must teach the content in each class, and students are responsible for attending school in whatever format we are in.

Logging in to class does not count as daily attendance

Even though a student logs in to their individual classes, they must still record their daily attendance on IC. Failure to record attendance may result in an illegal absence for the day.

Recording attendance in IC does not count as attending class

Students are expected to attend every class on their schedule. Recording attendance in IC does not count as attending a class or classes.

Grading Q&A

What happens if I do not turn in an assignment?

When a student fails to submit an assignment, a missing assignment notation will be made in the gradebook and a grade of "0" will be calculated in the student grade.

May I still submit an assignment after the due date?

Yes. Students have three days from the due date to submit their assignment for full credit. After the third day, the assignment becomes incomplete.

May I still submit an assignment once it is marked incomplete?

Yes. However, the grade may be a reduced one, depending upon the grading policy of the individual teacher.

My teacher grades class participation. Can I receive class participation points late?

No. Simply put, there are times that you must be in class to receive points, and class participation is one of them. All teachers who issue class participation points have ways they handle these points and these methods will not change because of the way we are handing missed and incomplete assignments.

Can a teacher issue a final grade of "O" for an assignment?

Yes. Each teacher determines the length of time they will continue to accept assignments for full or partial credit. When this time is up, a final grade of "0" will be issued for the assignment.

What happens if I can't submit an assignment because of technical difficulties?

Don't worry, you may still submit the assignment for full credit within three days of the due date. After three days, you will be penalized for late assignments.

What do I do if I disagree with the way my missed assignment was graded?

Contact your teacher. It is always best to speak with a teacher regarding grading issues.

Is it possible to fail a class?

Yes. If a student does not abide by our attendance policies, and if they do not participate in class and submit assignments that are of passing quality, they may fail a class.

Will I receive credit for a class I failed like I did last year?

No. There are currently no plans to issue credit for classes where a student earns a failing grade.

Will I still receive a "missing grade" notation if I check in to school on IC but do not log in to my class and do not submit an assignment?

Yes. Checking in to school on the IC portal is an indication that you are attending classes for the day, therefore you would be expected to both attend class and submit assignments for a grade. If a student logs records their attendance as present but then does not report to class and does not submit an assignment, they will still be graded on the assignment, beginning with a missing assignment notation. Technically speaking, if a student logs in as present for the day and does not "attend" the distanced class, they are skipping class.

If I am absent from school, will I still receive a "missing assignment" notation?

It depends. For purposes of tracking grades, a teacher may enter the "missing assignment" notation in the gradebook. However, if the student has an excused absence, the three day, full-credit make up rule may be extended. However, if the absence is an unexcused one, then the three day rule will apply. Teachers may, at their discretion, issue a grade for any assignment turned in or not turned in on an unexcused absence.

Is there really such a thing as an absence (excused or unexcused) while all students are in the distanced/virtual learning stage?

Yes, but it should be rare. For example, a student's family may have planned a family vacation and requested approval. Once approved, this would be an excused absence and the student would be legally absent from the class. However, they must make up the work missed within the appropriate timeline. In a similar way, I student may be ill on a school day and not be able to attend class. When this occurs, the student would not be recording themselves as "present." The student's parent/guardian should call the main office to report the absence due to illness and then submit an excuse through the newly created excuse portal. (click here to access the excuse portal)

As a parent/guardian, how will I know when my child does not submit assignments?

Logging in to gradebook is the best way to remain informed about your child's grades/progress. Additionally, e-mails will automatically be sent when an assignment is missing or a failing grade is earned on an assignment.

What do I do if I am not receiving e-mails about missing and failing assignments?

If you do not receive an e-mail, it is likely because we do not have your e-mail address. Please click here to update your contact information.

What do I do if I disagree with the way my child's teacher is grading?

Direct communication with teachers is important, and the best way to resolve disagreements. If you are not satisfied with the situation, you may always contact the high school principal.


It is important that students log on to their classes according to the bell schedule below.
Big picture


The daily schedule has office hours built in from 1:35 - 2:35. While parents/guardians may call in and leave a message at any time and on any day, teachers will be available to answer phone calls on Wednesdays only. Parents/guardians may always e-mail teachers, and they should receive a response within 24 hours.


As always, the tech help line is available at 239-0348 for technology related questions/help. You may also e-mail tech support at: